Island Modular Kitchen

The Island Modular Kitchen design in Noor Interior is rendered in luxuriant brown and white tones Design. The modular kitchen and the single straight counter of the modular kitchen can be used for cooking and washing in the kitchen while the island provides space for chopping or serving food for informal guests and serves as a breakfast counter in the kitchen. The Island Modular Kitchen counter is good enough for a romantic dinner and two Island Modular Kitchen is typically designed with a centrally placed counter-top that’s unattached to the main Island modular kitchen areas.

The Noor Interior Island Modular Kitchen area is easily accessible from all sides of the modular kitchen and the island modular kitchen layout adds to the functionality of a modular kitchen, providing ease of movement and unhindered work traffic. The Modular Kitchen was basically designed for serving the purpose of additional space required for food preparation and cooking support, for More Information Contact Us.

Island Modular Kitchen Design
Noor Interior