In- Line Shaped Modular Kitchen

The Noor Interior In-Line Shaped Modular Kitchen, one of the simplest kitchens in modular design, should be planned with great detail in order to suit the woman’s working style in every Indian home Design. The modular kitchen layout is where all the kitchen work zones are arrayed along one wall is how we see it. The length of the In-Line Shaped Modular Kitchen one wall kitchen could vary and based on that, the appliances to be used are decided for the kitchen. The In-Line Shaped Modular Kitchen area is the most effective layout applicable for small spaces. One wall of the modular kitchen is kept open and the entire modular kitchen is set up on that. The limited space of the floor portion of the In-Line Shaped Modular Kitchen, we use built-in appliances, with the sink unit situated at the middle of the line. This is a smart solution for small rooms and simple designs. 

An In-Line Shaped Modular Kitchen or a one wall kitchen has a single counter with one set of wall and base cabinets. It is linear and runs along the wall of the modular kitchen. The most important aspect to keep in mind is the golden triangle of a modular In-Line kitchen. The hob/stove is at an equal distance from the sink and fridge, making it the most convenient layout for an easy cooking process in the kitchen.  We recommend not having a counter over 10 to 14 feet as it might make moving around a bit tiresome, for More Information Contact Us.

In Line Modular Kitchen design
Noor Interior